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At the beginning of the 90s of the Hotel Belarus last century there appeared and commonly developed such forms of unorganized commerce as profession fairs and also markets. Beginning with 2000 trade as well as exhibits complexes got increasingly more weight. The next stage was supermarkets' structure.
In general, you can say that phases of the growth of shopping center in Belarus very resemble tendencies, happening, to name a few nations, in Russia and Ukraine. Amongst the significant tendencies are the progressive decrease of messy business price, the arrival of global network drivers at the market, building of large shopping centres in the borders of the city adjacent to big interchanges and also building of amusement locations in shopping center.
Nevertheless, all this appeared in Minsk with a four or five-year delay. A minimum of, this has been the situation up until just recently. Over the last few years the rates of mall' development enhanced, that makes us hope for the decrease of the short-lived difference.
As stated above, such concepts as profession as well as exhibit complicated, shopping centre as well as grocery store have entered into the daily life of Minsk homeowners in the last few years. The variety of such objects expands before our extremely eyes. Moreover, as the method reveals, the need for them does not drop in a continuously expanding city. All this makes it possible to claim confidently that massive mall' structure is a rewarding funds financial investment. The evidence of this is the significant rate of interest of financiers.
Among the biggest firms activating financial investments right into Minsk structure is the "BNK Design" firms group in Belarus under the direction of Lebanese entrepreneur Abdo Romeo Abdo. The following are the jobs of the company:
An organisation centre in Kalvarijskaja Road, Minsk. The complete location is 18, 000 square meters. Potential quantity of financial investments - 15 million United States bucks.
An organisation centre on Dzerzhinsky Opportunity, Minsk. The overall location is 18, 000 square meters. Prospective volume of investments - 15 million US bucks.
A multifunctional administrative-trading centre on railroad side square, Minsk. The complete location is 45, 000 square meters. Possible quantity of financial investments - 30 million US bucks.
"Hyatt" 5-star resort, Minsk, 260 areas. Approximate quantity of investments - 55 million US bucks.
"Druzhba" Suburb, Minsk. The overall location is 287, 000 square metres. Prospective quantity of investments - 150 million US dollars.
"Lebiazhy" Residential area, Minsk. The complete area is 100, 000 square metres. Prospective volume of financial investments - 150 million US dollars.
Considering Mr. Abdo Romeo Abdo's figures that simply these projects financial investments surpass 100 mln. US dollars which these things' appeal expands amongst the populace, one can be persuaded of successful awareness of the future projects.
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